Gronau, Werner (Ed.):
Passenger Intermodality
Current Frameworks, Trends and Perspectives.


2008. 158 Seiten,
31 Abbildungen und 24 Tabellen.

ISBN 978-3-936438-23-9

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An enhanced intermodality in passenger transport is one key to a more efficient and integrated transport system which improves the ease of travelling while at the same time minimizes environmental impacts. The trends of growing long-distance traffic by road and air and often stagnating rail and local public transport lead to an unsustainable imbalance. The European Commission (DG TREN) has recently involved the co-modality policy, in other words the use of transport modes according to their relative advantages. This publication tries to elaborate the current situation in the sector all over Europe by including authors from 7 different countries and addressing to framework conditions, including state of the art research and giving an overview on current European Research projects in the field. The included articles represent the major results of the 1st Eastern Mediterranean Conference on Passenger Intermodality taking place at the University of Nicosia/Cyprus in November 2008 organized in the context of the European Project: LINK —The European Forum on Intermodal PassengerTravel (