Gronau, Werner / Reiter, Karl / Pressl, Robert (Ed.):
Transport and Health Issues.


2011. 138 Seiten,
mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, Fotos und Tabellen.

ISBN 978-3-936438-27-7

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Following up the chosen path of the first two editions of “Studies on Mobility and Transport Research” addressing a state of the art topic in a multidisciplinary, as well as multinational approach, the given issue wants to draw the reader’s attention to the rarely addressed relation of Transport and Health issues on an individual level. When discussing the requirements for a more sustainable transportation network in the future, a major concern is commonly the reduction of the motorized transport modes in order to reduce as for example noise or CO2-emmissions. While addressing this issue quite often the individual perspective or even the given individual benefits of green transportation modes are neglected. Hence the current publication tackles the issue of individual health benefits whilst adhering to green transportation modes. Furthermore it addresses the issue of creating suitable framework conditions in the field of urban and transport planning in order to support these modes and last but not least it gives an insight into up-to-date implementations in the given field.