Gronau, Werner / Dolores Sanchez Bengoa (Ed.):
Transport Planing in the Eastern Mediterranean
Challenges and Perspectives.


2011. 138 Seiten,
mit zahlreichen Abbildungen, Fotos und Tabellen.

ISBN 978-3-936438-26-0

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The geographic location of the Eastern Mediterranean makes it a gateway to Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Due to the constantly increasing interaction within the Euro-Medi-terranean Region, the need for an efficient transportation network is more pressing than ever before. On the other hand however, the geographic parameters of coastal regions in conjunc-tion with a peripheral location throughout the last centuries create rather unfavourable con-ditions for transport planning. In consequence one has to consider a clear lack of infrastructure, such as the absence of an efficient railway network or the lack of highway infrastructure. Hence the shipment sector could play a major role in upgrading the accessibility of the region, as seaways have always served as a major way of transport in this region. In addition to possible improvements in the shipment sector, this publication also analyses potential obstacles for further development, such as mobility lifestyle or the mentality towards transport planning in general. Consequently a broad approach is taken in order to present a brief insight into the challenging situation of transport planning in the Eastern Mediterranean. The international perspective of this publication is furthermore ensured by contributors from 7 universities in 5 different European countries.